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Quality for Safety since 1926

Quality and safety must be the pre-requisite for CONTESSI equipment. The source of quality at CONTESSI can be attributed to continuous process control during manufacture and use of fully traceable materials to international quality standards.
The ergonomic design of CONTESSI equipment is important in limiting the risk of incidents in the workplace.
Quality and safety of CONTESSI products comply with the increasing demands of the discerning customer.
CONTESSI operates in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


It is wrong to assume that research is not the province of smaller companies who do not have the large cash resources. In fact, CONTESSI has an active research programme and maintains constant contact, in every way, with the leading worldwide innovators of technological developments in the field. The
most important meetings of technical and managerial staff are followed, often in person.
Specialised fairs and exhibitions are followed in detail. The best technical publications are received and analysed.
An enormous volume of information is converted into new projects, improvements, investments. Even the smallest of customers is kept in touch with all this work and the resultant new equipment.ISO9001_Certificate