piston shut-off valves

Piston Shut-Off Valves

Piston valves for process liquids and gases.
Sturdy construction for long life use in steel and chemical plants for oxygen, air, oil, gas fuels and water.
Manufactured out of cast bronze and other copper alloys (EN 9539), for pressure up to 21Mpa are exempt from the limitations to flow velocity recommended by E.I.G.A. aimed at the prevention of auto-ignition hazards.
Used with media free of abrasive mineral dust, dirt and rust particles, these valves will show almost no wear.

Two versions available manually operated or remote controlled.

  Feature / Caratteristiche
  range / intervallo
DN 15 ÷ 400
PN 10 ÷ 64

NO SUDDEN PEAK IN PRESSURE ON DOWNSTREAM PIPELINES parabolic shape and short stroke of the piston, for smooth and prompt opening and closing.

NO ADDITIONAL PNEUMATIC ENERGY REQUIRED can be remotely actuated with the same medium flowing in the pipeline, without additional supplying of compressed air or nitrogen.

HIGH RELIABILITY the piston is guided on both ends.

QUICK MAINTENANCE easy replacement of liners or sealing elements without disconnect the valve from the pipeline.

More accessories and devices available for special requirements, such as 3 way valves, block valves, antislewing valves, etc.

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