The real value of an investment in equipment is related to the existence of “support” which ensures its reliability for a long period. It consists basically of maintenance, operating capability, absence of the risk of “machine downtime”.

maintenance and repair

A process of servicing and maintaining organized to ensure rapid problem solving supervises the execution of those preventive services like support, scheduled maintenance to the equipment and requests for information, contributing to the emergence of long-term partnerships with its customers.
CONTESSI maintenance service evaluates your equipment and, if possible, performs all actions of service and repair necessary for retaining or restoring it to a condition of full efficiency and safe operation.


Leafing through the catalogue one is struck by the imposing range of spares for all the equipment produced. There are thousands and thousands of parts, right down to the smallest seal. Computer controlled parts availability serves the CONTESSI user in his every need.
CONTESSI considers the ready availability of original spares to be its true market strength. This is probably the major reason for its customer loyalty. When evaluating the cost benefit of a purchase the new customer must consider this point carefully; the old customer does not have to.